Hi, my name is Didier Quarroz.
I’m a swiss Graphic Designer and Art Director.
I'm working for Process Zürich and beside I have different projects.

My latest self-initiated project is a publishing house with focus on international young photographer and illustrater called Sandmeier. Also a blog called Epitome is part of this project Sndmr.
&At Process I did the redesign of the employee magazine
"one" published by Credit Suisse. For the current issues I'm responsable for the graphic design and the art direction of the visuals one.
&The new packaging for a serie of vintage editions called Theophil of the swiss brewer FeldschlösschenThe.
&A fashion project as art director for the
portfolio of, graduated at Institute for Fashion Design Basel,
Stefanie Salzmann
In between I designed the portfolio webpage of young swiss
photographer Jonas Haenggi .
& All the following projects were done during my
studies at the
ECAL. My Diploma was about using
statistic data to generate display fonts.
The subject of the statistic was leisure-time in
Swiss society .
& For a project about non-verbal communication
done with the hand. I collaborated with
Hotelfachschule Luzern to design a didactic book who
could be used by the students .
& Another project with the theme of behaving was
the future project. An over–polite society in which
a red group behaves in a decadent way .
& The
Marabou Parken Gallery of Stockholm asked us to do a
communication for them, only by using three
100x70 cm sheets of paper. We thought it would
be a good idea, to use a very strict point raster,
to complicate our task .
& To create an archive during one semester I
attributed to each project a color. All creative
decisions on the projects during this semester had
to have a relation to each color, of course I
didn’t tell my teachers .
& In a statistically approach on insomnia, I compared
men and women and let the numbers take some
design decisions .
& For a visual identity of an event I mixed up the

Swiss Railway Company corporate with the one of Lucy Mackintosh Gallery.
The event was an exposition at the Railwaystation
in Lausanne .
& Because everybody looked inside at our apartment
Renens I thought it would be a good idea to open
a theater there, so I created a concept and a visual
identity for it .
& I wanted to introduce some friends of mine,
so I made a little magazine in which I showed some
things about them .
& Taking the train can be extremely fascinating,
so I took the essence (1 photo a minute) of a voyage.
In a book I collected all impression to let other
people experience my personal voyage .

& For further information click Didier  Quarroz, for contact here.

All works & images © Didier Quarroz all Rights reserved.





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